First episode of a series dedicated to Netlabel Day 2016. Stéphane decided to go through all of this year’s releases, so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Check out the Paradise Lottery project, and the cool people at Casco too.

Dive into Jan Eerala’s documented environment on his fascinating weblog.

  1. FRAU - Pull the Plug (Parasite Lottery, Yes No Wave, 2016, Indonesia) – download
  2. Natural Snow Building - Unknown Tongues (Aldebaran, Vulpiano Records, 2016, France) – download
  3. Mondo Flockard - Spiral Sketches (Spirals, Terranean Recordings, 2016, Australia) – purchase
  4. Tasto Esc - Logout (Ignorhead, Weakie Discs, 2016, Italy) – purchase
  5. Jan Eerala - The Konkelo Story, Anatomy of a Fallen Tree (Listen to the Birds, Terranean Recordings, 2016, Finland) – purchase
  6. Linden Pomeroy - Festival of Red Leaves (Irikyo, Pilot Eleven, 2016, England) – download